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DUI and Serious Traffic Offenses

An arrest for DUI or other serious traffic offenses can have far-reaching consequences for your driver's license, your career, and even for your freedom. DUI and serious traffic offenses carry the possibility of a variety of punishments including fines, Demerit Points on your driver's license, a driver's license suspension, mandatory Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) attendance, ignition interlock devices, and even a jail sentence. A DUI or traffic conviction also carries a number of potential collateral consequences. Insurance rates may increase. A number of professional licenses can be affected by alcohol-related convictions. A DUI conviction might affect future career or school applications. And for immigrants, immigration status may be affected by a criminal conviction. The attorneys at Sims & Chan have the experience and knowledge to help you understand how each of the possible consequences might affect you.

Navigating the criminal process can be difficult in any case, and DUI cases in Virginia are especially complex. One misstep can have far-reaching consequences. Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing probable cause related to stops, field sobriety tests, and preliminary breath tests. We can determine whether the requirements of informed consent had been met. Blood and breath alcohol tests are not perfect, and our attorneys can examine whether issues of contamination, improper maintenance, or procedural errors in testing exist in your case. Each of these potential avenues for defense is filled with procedural complexity. In many instances, defenses must be raised within a short time frame or they may be lost. If you have been arrested for DUI, you need to seek the help of a skilled professional immediately. Call Sims & Chan, LLP to schedule a free consultation.