Sims & Chan, LLP

The attorneys of Sims & Chan are devoted to the concept of client service. Each client, no matter how small their case, is an important and individual asset to the firm. We know that people usually seek out attorneys during difficult times, and it is our commitment at Sims & Chan to do everything in our power to lessen our client's burden and support them through their legal difficulties. We pride ourselves on strong client relationships and urge our clients to communicate with us in order to help us serve them better.

With our office less than a block from the courthouse in which Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe-- the authors of our Constitution-- once practiced, the attorneys of Sims & Chan are constantly reminded of our duty as attorneys to uphold the rights and protections that the Constitution affords to all Americans. We work to zealously represent our clients in order to ensure that they receive all of the protections that our predecessors worked to craft.